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We are two FULL TIME real estate agents with Realty Smith, Inc. We live in Amherst with our three children, but do business all over Western New York.

About us

Real Estate is our life and what we do 24/7! We are 100% client-focused and pride ourselves in always putting the interest of our clients first. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

We have been privileged to assist buyers and sellers since 2006. Over that time, we have helped hundreds of Western New Yorkers buy and/or sell their homes. Relationships we build with our clients, whether they are buyers, sellers, first-time buyers, or investors, are lifetime. Repeat business is a large portion of what we do.

With two of us working together FULL time, you are guaranteed that one of us will always be available to answer your questions. If one is in the field, the other one is by the phone doing contracts and negotiations.

We spend the time to evaluate your needs and never push you to make an offer on a house we would not buy for our own family. We use our connections and a team of industry professionals to make the entire process easy.

If you are a potential buyer of a home, representation by a professional agent is highly recommended. There is NO FEE from the buyer for the agent’s work.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about selling your home

Yes we can. Here is a simple formula to follow:

First, figure out your gross monthly income. Use the average income of a 2 year time period.

Next, calculate your monthly debt. This includes all monthly debt obligations like credit cards, installment loans, car loans, personal debts or any other ongoing monthly obligation like alimony or child support. In a revolving debt like a credit card, use the minimum monthly payment for this calculation. If it is installment debt, use the current monthly payment to calculate your debt load. And you don’t have to consider a debt at all if it is scheduled to be paid off in less than ten months.

Typically, your monthly proposed housing expense, including monthly payments for taxes and insurance, should not exceed about 28% of your gross monthly income. If you don’t know what your tax and insurance expense will be, you can estimate that about 15% of your payment will go toward this expense. The remainder can be used for principal and interest repayment. In addition, your proposed monthly housing expense and your total monthly debt service combined cannot exceed about 36% of your gross monthly income. If it does, your application may exceed the lender’s underwriting guidelines and your loan may not be approved.

To become preapproved you will need to provide a lender with the following:

Your employment and income history (including recent pay stubs)

Your monthly debts

The amount and source of cash available for the down payment and closing costs

  • Title insurance policy premiums (lender’s and Buyer’s)
  • Escrow fees
  • Notary fees
  • Property tax proration (from acquisition date)
  • Special delivery/courier fees, if required
  • Document preparation fees
  • Document recording charges
  • Homeowner’s association transfer fee and prorata dues
  • Inspection fees (according to contract)
  • Matters of record against the buyer including tax liens, judgments and fees required to clear them
  • Fire insurance premium for the first year
  • Assumption/change of records fees if the buyer is taking over an existing loan
  • Lender’s new loan charges
  • Interest on new loan from date of funding to 30 days prior to the first payment
  • Other prorations (rents, insurance etc.) if applicable

Our Standardized Operating Procedure for the purchase of Real Estate pursuant Real  Estate property law is available on THIS page.

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